Company Statement


As owners of large tracts of international plantations, EcoCrops International works under strict forestry stewardship standards, ensuring our sites are managed under rigid environmental and social criterias, recognising our responsibility towards the protection of the local environment and our social duty to the local community.

Through our collective experience, we believe our agriculture operations offer excellent opportunities for economic gain and environmental footprint minimisation. Maintaining ethical management practises is at the core of our global operations, through these principles negative industry subjects such as illegal logging, forest fires, native animal displacement and slave labour are kept at bay.

EcoCrops International aims to maintain and enhance the conservation and environmental protection of the local eco-system, protecting and enriching areas of natural or indigenous forest to safeguard flora and fauna and nurture bio-diversity. This approach of sustainable forestry management ensures a corporate contribution to the country, it’s community, and EcoCrops International’s future as well augment the company’s carbon sequestration contribution, thus helping to minimise global warming.

Environmental Sustainability

EcoCrops International plantations follow strict ecological and environmental principles, closely working with environmental regulatory bodies. As our model is reliant directly on the productivity of our farms, we ensure the land is used correctly, maintained and preserved for the generations to come.


Our operations are principally focused on the commercial aspect of agroforestry production, although we are constantly working towards the conservation and regeneration of indigenous flora and fauna habitats. We ensure locally sensitive environmental areas, such as wildlife corridors are planted with indigenous species, and encourage those habitats to regenerate.

Intercropping and Pesticide Usage

On all our sites we actively try to minimise the use of pesticides and chemicals in our management practises, and only using them when absolutely necessary.

One successful technique is the intercropping of food crops during the establishment period, this provides nutrients into the soil, cover, protection and assists in the development of the plantation, whilst also providing revenue and food for our employees.

Empowering the Local Community

In many developing countries poverty and illegal logging go hand in hand for forest dependent communities, this leads to sever forest degradation and eventual forest clearance. EcoCrops International believe’s the introduction of sustainable plantations is the answer.

We employ local labour in all our plantations and pay well above the annual wage rate in all countries in which we operate. Our staff typically work eight-hour days with ample rest periods. In Ghana we also offer housing should our employees require, whilst the company also offers finance to asset with house purchases or improvements to thier existing homes. EcoCrops International specifically focus on the creation of long term jobs and continuity within it’s global management teams. Within this framework, we aim to achieve stable livelihoods, mindful that the empowerment of locals can play a critical role within the local community, mindful that the impact is far beyond just our own direct employment.

EcoCrops International

EcoCrops International offers both individuals and organizations a fully integrated forestry management service. From the preconceptual planning stage, through to the harvesting and exiting of the final product, our team are on hand as your investment partner.

Although operating privately since 2012, EcoCrops International was officially established in 2017 in Dubai, UAE. We have a global presence with representation across Europe, Asia & Central America.

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