Estonian Mixed Biomass Project

EcoCrops international has continued down the Green investment route with its latest project in Estonia. Established in January 2018 The Estonian Mixed Biomass Project was started to meet the demand for Premium Wood Pellets within the EU. In 2020 the demand for wood pellets is set to substantially increase due to the latest legislation being enforced by the EU that requires all member countries to fulfil at least 20% of its energy requirements from renewables.

Ecocrops Estonia was specially formed to allow us to purchase mixed forestry plantations within Estonia, with semi-mature forestry being preferred over having to establish new plantations. Using semimature forestry is considerably more attractive due to the reduced risk of establishing a new plantation. It also means that the length of term for the investment goes from 20 years to between 3-5 years which is considerably more attracting for not only EcoCrops but also our investors. 

The Project

As forestry investments go this is one of the more simpler investments, making it an ideal project for not only experienced forestry investors but also for people looking to invest in forestry for the first time. In a nutshell EcoCrops International is offering investors the right to own their own land in Estonia with forestry already planted on the land. Once the investment starts the sites are managed and nurtured by EcoCrops over a 3-5 year period. After this period we then harvest the trees on the land and then turn the harvested timber into Biomass Wood Pellets and then sell these through already established wholesale channels. Once this is done wel will then sell the investors land and return all the proceeds minus a 5% performance fee back to the client. 

Why Estonia?

EcoCrops chose to base their first European Forestry project in Estonia due to a number of reasons. Firstly Estonia has a great forestry infrastructure with the timberland industry being a major contributor to our decision.

Estonian land value is also seen to be on the rise and at EcoCrops we feel that we have timed our entrance into this market perfectly to maximise returns to investors. 

Naturally, at the end of the investment, we will have to transport the wood pellets to our buyers over Europe and Estonia has incredibly good transport links with a number of different countries throughout Europe these cheap transport links between Estonia and places such as Rotterdam will allow us to transport the premium wood pellets to the areas of Europe where the highest prices can be demanded for the finished product.

The table below illustrates the historical prices for wood pellets since 2017 and also EcoCrops Internationals projected price of 210 euros per tonne.

Why Premium Quality Wood Pellets?

There are two types of wood pellets that can be produced from our plantations, Industrial Wood Pellets to be used within power stations or Premium Quality Wood Pellets which are used within residential burners. The latter command a significantly higher price than industrial quality wood pellets because industrial wood pellets can use cheaper quality woods and can have a higher water content. At EcoCrops we are producing only Premium Quality Wood Pellets to get the highest return for our clients. 

If you wish to recieve further information on this project then simply email us at or alternatively call us on +34 932 201 207. 

EcoCrops International

EcoCrops International offers both individuals and organizations a fully integrated forestry management service. From the preconceptual planning stage, through to the harvesting and exiting of the final product, our team are on hand as your investment partner.

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